Thanks for dropping by and having a little look around my tiny corner of the internet.

Now that you're here, you might find it helpful to know how I approach covering a wedding and what it is you'll be getting from me

I can offer as much or - indeed - as little - help as you need or want.









So let's assume you like what you've seen thus far.

The next thing to do is contact me to see if I'm still available on your date.

I restrict the number of commissions I take on per year in order to give me the time to give you and your images the attention you and they need.


I can book out quite far in advance for key dates so it's wise to get in touch early.






(or, indeed, Earl Grey. Hot. Black. Just like Picard takes it)


Fab! You've seen the pricelist and you're overjoyed that I'm in budget. I'm even free to do your wedding so it's looking good, you lucky thing.

Now we carve out time to grab a coffee. Most of my clients are from out of county and so sometimes Skype is the way to go.

It's important to remember that whoever shoots your wedding will most likely see you in your knickers at some stage of the day so it's hugely important that your photographer is someone you feel comfortable around.

My job is about far more than just taking photos and you need to know I'm not going to scare your Grandma or run off with the family silver.






It's a bit dull but it has to be done.

I send out a contract and once I have that back along with the booking fee we're hot to jolly well trot.

There will be one other piece of admin later, too.

I send out a questionnaire that asks for stuff like:

*a list of group photos

*names and handles of the other vendors so I can tag them and their lovely work later

*contact details of key players of the day

The more info I have ahead of time, the more easily I can anticipate where I need to be and when and with what kit.






I love this bit.

It can be so varied and flexible.

Essentially, it's a time for us to get (more) coffee and also for me to poke my camera at you so you kinda know what to expect on the day.

The flexibility bit? That means I'm just as happy slogging half-way up a mountain, or

pottering about in the back street of an old Italian city. Fancy a trip to the beach to play in the surf? We can do that. Or maybe hang around a gallery, nodding sagely at pictures whilst I leap around like a tubby ninja (*other ninja body-types are available).


How long it takes depends entirely upon what you decide you want to do (and how much coffee we drink) but we're looking at anything from half an hour to two hours tops.





I reckon I've probably shot something like 200 weddings by now. I've worked in France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Greece, and the Channel Islands as well as all over the UK so it's fair to know I know my way around a wedding.

I have lots of ideas and tips at my disposal - USE THEM!

If there's anything about which you'd like advice or if you just want to run a 'sanity check' against an inspired idea that hit you between the eyes at 3 am, juts give me a holler (but maybe not actually at 3am).

Want ideas about how to keep your wedding as green as possible? Want to know what type of confetti looks best in a photo? Wondering what time of day is best for your portrait session? This is where I can come in and give advice.






I feel like I've prattled on endlessly about the timeline already but it's quite an important thing. The more info I have before the big 'I do' the better.

Once you have a good idea of what's happening where and when we'll quickly chat through it and marry it all up with the info from the questionnaire.

Time is a mysterious thing in Wedding Land. It stretches and contracts in a most alarming manner and a good solid theoretical timeline allows me to better do my job with minimum disruption to your day should/when the timings go all wobbly.






It's the week before your wedding at you totally could not be more chilled. Either that or a total and utter meltdown is imminent amd God help you if one more bloody person tries to change their food choices.

Now's the time to have our final pre-wedding check in and it's now that we talk through any changes to the timeline (spoiler - expect there to be about 4 billion of them. Weddings are organic things and - ultimately - they choose their own timelines).

We'll also confirm addresses (totally handy in the prevention of disaster) and anything else we need to confirm in order to make sure the door is fully closed to Mr Cock-Up





Holy bananacakes - it's finally here.

By now I have so much information that I'm able to quietly potter through your day without asking a endless questions or otherwise being a pest.

I'm a quiet and happy little soul and am 90% of the time mistaken as a guest with a fancy-pants camera as opposed to 'staff'.

There's no hideous workshirt with logos sprayed all over it, and I don't going around trying to press my business cards onto your engaged friends.

It's 100% your day and I'm there solely to document what's going on (and possibly snaffling canapes)






When I get back home (or to my hotel) I make a copy of all of the files before dragging my weary ole bones to bed and, wherever possible, I edit a dozen or so images the night of the wedding and send them to you.




Full delivery generally takes 6-8 weeks at which time all files are uploaded onto a gallery.

All images are full sized, unwatermarked and downloadable at no cost to anyone to whom you've given the address and password.

Prints are also available to purchase through the gallery which I highly recommend - especially if your relationship with your home printer is as disastrous as mine.

Rather handily, there's a web-sized option for image downloads, too, making it even easier to share your favourite images online.

The gallery will stay online for 6 months at which point it will be archived so remember to download them and keep them somewhere safe.