When can we expect our images?
I tryt to get a dozen or so images to you within 48 hours of the wedding and for the full gallery turnaround is generally in the region of 8 weeks.


You must get bored of weddings.
What is it you REALLY want to be doing?


It’s funny how often I actually get asked this.
This, for me, isn’t a stop on the journey to somewhere or something else.
I love what I do. and the fact that in maybe 100 years people will be looking at the images
we create on your wedding day and they’ll be going ‘WOW!’
That's a pretty special feeling.
And, no, I don't get boredand, no, there's genuinely nothingI'd rather be doing.
I mean, what's not to love? I get to meet amazing peopl eand go to amazing places and - now let's be honest - very often there's cake.


What's the point of a pre-wed shoot? I'm not very comfy in front of the camera so what's the point of discomfort for the


Do you offer albums?
PRINT IS KING! I love it so yes - yes, I do. Have a look here.


Can we meet before we book?
It's super important that the person who is going to be photographing your wedding feels like a good fit so I always recommend we pop onto a video call to talk things through.



Will you hold a date for me?
I get pretty busy so until I have your contract and deposit I'll still be up for grabs.
Once you have said you would like to go ahead, however, I will pencil you in for 24 hours to give you time to get your proverbal ducks in a row


Yes! How do we book?
Give me a holler and I’ll send you a contract.
Once I have that and the £500 booking fee I am all yours.


Do you do group/formal shots?
Yes indeed - if that’s what you want,
although I heartily recommend you cap it to about 7
or else there’s a real risk of them taking over the day.


Are you insured?
Hell, yes.


Do you carry back-up kit in case of
crisis/dramarama/earthquake/zombie apocalypse?
Yup. Totally.




Form submitted successfully, thank you. If you haven't heard from me within 24 hours please check your spam filters - I have a vexing habit of getting stuckHi there. If you're seeing this message it means my contact form is being a menace. Could you email me your date and venue etc at lucy@moongazeyhare.co.uk and I'll get back to you asap. Cheers!