The M&Ms – a Midsummer Night’s Dream inspired wedding at Ocean Kave

‘You honestly made our dreams come true being our photographer- we really are so blessed to have found you!’Oh, waily waily! Where to start?

Well, to Ocean Kave on the north coast of Devon, then, bright and breezy and in defiance of the lurky rain clouds that tattered the morning skies (shakes fist at the heavens).

It’s been a ‘will it – won’t it’ season for rain and by the grace of the winds it stayed away today.
I know I’ve said it a million times but a big part of what I love about the weddings I get to cover is how very different they all are and how you never know exactly what to expect. Shell and Marc’s willingness to try out some of my faintly loony ideas at their pre-wed shoot kinda gave me a hint as how today could go – as did the wee glimpse I had of Shell’s brilliant wedding ideas scrap book.

And it’s a wee bit of a tritety to bang on about how amazing a bride looks but SWEET JESUS!

And so, you lucky people, I treat you a one of my mildly helpful stream of conciousness weddingy rambles:

DRESS! – skulls (I love ’em. I have them all over my house. I pity my children in a way) – Peaky Blinders – crazy wind thrown confetti – changing seas – crazy wind blown hair – Puckish humour – cheesecakey deliciousness – gambling den of iniquity-ness (it’s a word. Now.) – heart on sleeve loveliness – Goddessily graceful bride – deep cave – swathes of candles – wonderfully wild and berry filled bouquet.

Well, that should be enough to keep you going.

To the pictures!

Lucy x
Amanda Wakeley wedding dressBride getting ready in the morningGroom waits at the altarOcean Kave wedding ceremonyOcean Kave first kissconfetti conesAmanda Wakeley Cleopatra dressThe bride and groom's first dance

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  • AnnaJuly 13, 2016 - 9:59 pm

    Beautiful work Lucy. The images at the end are stunning – and that shot of the bride with the light is iconic, truly looks like something from a high end fashion shoot!ReplyCancel



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