Lily and Mark – a sun-drenched Croatian wedding

Dappled light and dancing waters.
Sunsets of a million hues.
Street cats and palm trees.
Starfish on the shoreline and boats that gently bob in the distance.
Caper bushes and the visual shock that is the colour of bougainvillea.
Fish straight from the sea and onto the plate. Even some flying fish.
The gentle fizz of champagne and salt sweat on the lips.
Flip flops and sunscreen and basking, lizard-like, in the glorious sun.
Vast echo-y caves under mountains full of water that glows like precious stones, blue and green.
A sea that moves languidly like a sleepy Sunday morning person never quite breaking out from under the duvet.
Galloping riots of jasmine pleasing to both the eyes AND the nose.

And in amongst it all, love.

A delicate parcel of love in the great big noise of everything else.
One un-shouty bloom in this garden of forever.
A boy and a girl standing in front of this inferno, this assault to the senses, and saying quietly ‘I love you’


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  • Mark PepperallFebruary 6, 2019 - 11:11 am

    Stunning Lucy, and beautiful words, you sure did us proud!! We’ve just put a book together of these beautiful shots and memories, will be sure to show you! XxReplyCancel



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